An essay is a brief piece of writing outlining the writer’s perspective or story. It is generally considered similar to a story or an article. Essays can either be formal or informal. Formal essays are mostly academic in nature and essential topics. We will be concentrating on informal essays, which tetnd more personal and often have amusing elements.

STEPS ON HOW TO WRITE AN ESSAY – Tips for writting essay 


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Essays can be frustrating, but with the right tips or steps, it can be a fantastic essay all through:


The first step for writing an essay is research. Researching your topic, knowing more about the topic helps in many ways. Make yourself a professional by research and use the internet, search engines, academic databases, and the library. Take notes and engage yourself in the words of great thinkers.

It is essential and quite resourceful to read widely to compile sources on your topic. As you combine research, pick a little from a lot; that is, quote briefly from a wide variety of sources. This is the best idea there is about researching. Also, many references from one source, regardless of how reliable the source, will make your essay appear unoriginal.


After researching and are quite versatile with your topic, proceed to analyze the content of the essays you’re reading and writing on. Specify the claims, write out the motives, purpose, evidence, and necessary information needed. Search for weaknesses of reason, also strengths. Understanding how to write an essay starts by learning how to analyze essays written by others.


Make research before you write

As you make research your topic, you will generally be examining the arguments of different scholars. In contrast to more popular reading, authors must supply copious amounts of evidence and nuanced reasoning to persuade other scholars of their ideas in the academic world. To also reason the way the scholars do, one needs to know the laws of statement or argument. Also, clarifying an argument and creating your ideas need comprehensive reasoning.



Brainstorming is the process of reasoning critically to disclose actual, unseen knowledge about a topic. Assuming you have done a reasonable amount of research, you should now have a vital source of ideas to play around with for an essay. The job is now to stand on the scholars’ shoulders you have read and created something original to say about the topic. It is not enough. Neither is it ideal to repeat what they have said, pit together your ideas about the topic then create original content for yourself. You must go beyond them to present an original idea. Your essay will require the insight and understanding of your own, real essay-writing brilliance. Proceed with asking yourself questions and creating answers for them. Deliberate, think, and reason It helps a lot in essay writing and does not just depend on what you have researched. Give your insight into the topic. That is what gives your content originality.


After researching, analyzing, and brainstorming, you should have helpful insight into writing about. Now it is time to improve that useful insight into a refined thesis statement, thus guiding and creating the rest of the essay.

Choose your thesis idea

Select your best idea and give it a clear opinion that you can write your entire essay around. Your thesis is your major point, added in a concise sentence that lets the reader know where you are added to and why. Writing a good essay is quite impossible without a precise thesis.


Outlining is a way of sketching out your essay before straightway writing it out. We can also use one-line sentences to explain paragraphs and points to clarify what each paragraph will involve. Create the structure of your essay or argument, be sure each paragraph is unified, and show the essay’s order.


Jot or sketch up your outline before writing

Sketching up an outline allows you to understand before you write. When you create your outline, keep it brief. The titles, headings, and the significant points should all be in line each. If you cannot shorten your point into a one-liner, you perhaps do not have a clear understanding of what you are trying to say.



Every single paragraph should be pointed to a single idea that supports your thesis. Start your paragraphs with topic sentences, support statements with evidence, and expatiate your ideas in the most straightforward, most logical way you can. Write your essay in a way it appears you are speaking to your reader as if he or she were sitting in front of you. Every paragraph should have a precise, singular focus on it. The typical error students or writers make when writing essays is changing topics within the same paragraph rather than developing the same idea they began with. A paragraph is a discrete unit of thought that widens one specific idea, not three or four. If you find yourself diverting gears to start a new topic, begin a new paragraph instead.



Gracefully exit your essay by preparing a quick wrap-up sentence, and then end on some remarkable thought, possibly a reference, or an intriguing twist of reason, or some call to action. At the end of the essay, the reader knows the solution to the problem and what he needs to tackle.



Develop your essay according to the exact guidelines for citation. All obtained ideas and quotations should be rightly cited in your text’s body, followed up with a reference page naming the details of your sources. It could be in HAVARD, MLA, APA. Depending on what is required.


Finally, your essay is incomplete if you have not refined your language by correcting the grammar, making sentences flow, combining rhythm, emphasis, modifying the formality, giving it a level-headed tone making other spontaneous edits.


Follow the right procedure;

Writing an essay can be tedious and frustrating. However, you do not want to mismanage the hours of conceptual work you have put into writing your essay by omitting misspellings and poorly worded phrases.

These few steps listed above will help a great deal in writing an incredible essay. Give your reader a breathtaking essay by following the guidelines.


Ekstra tip:

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